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How To Hire Professional Commercial Cleaning Services?

Managing and maintaining office work is one of the difficult tasks to do. You face a lot of obstacles and pressures for an effort to bring more productivity at your workplace. But with that, you have to give special attention to provide a peaceful and healthy atmosphere for your employees. Your employees deserve to work [...]

By | March 12th, 2020|Commercial Cleaning|Comments Off on How To Hire Professional Commercial Cleaning Services?

How To Clean An Oriental Rug At Home?

Rugs are an integral part of your house or business interior design. Oriental rugs are the most beautiful one in all types of rugs that add beauty, color, and character to any space. But, you need to take care of these oriental rugs in a proper way. They need regular cleaning in the right manner. [...]

By | February 11th, 2020|Rug Cleaning|Comments Off on How To Clean An Oriental Rug At Home?

How To Remove Dried Blood Stains from Upholstery?

One thing that captures the attention of any visitor is blood anywhere on the floor or upholstery. At the same time, it is the most difficult thing to clean. Especially, when it is dried. Fortunately, there are ways on how to remove dried blood stains from upholstery. Here in this blog, we will discuss steps [...]

By | January 8th, 2020|Upholstery Cleaning|6 Comments

Best Tips For Cleaning Before Christmas 2019

Christmas 2019 will knock your door in almost two weeks. If you are thinking to throw a party and inviting the guest to your home, then pull your sleeves and aim to get a sparkling clean room.  Cleaning before Christmas is vital so you can enjoy a stress-free party night while creating a positive impression [...]

By | December 10th, 2019|Carpet Cleaning|1 Comment

Quick DIY Pet Odor Removal Tip From LCS Expert

A house owner with a four-legged furry friend usually has to face that distinct odor inside their home. And once it is smelled it, you cannot possibly forget it. Apart from that pungent smell of housebreaking pet accidents, lingering dog odors usually smell like moldy wool, and the stink can easily settle in carpets, couch [...]

By | November 15th, 2019|Pet Odor Removal|1 Comment

Satisfactory Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning Services

When it comes to tile and grout cleaning it is never a fun process for most of the people as they have to get on their knees with their scrub brushes. Homes are the most significant and important investment; which needs to maintain the value of the vital investment. Hence, proper maintenance is essential. If [...]

By | October 5th, 2019|Tile and Grout Cleaning|1 Comment

Best Steam Carpet Cleaning San Diego – Sterilize Your Carpet Today!

People are competitive and more dedicated to their professional careers in San Diego. Hence, because of a hectic life, they do not get enough time to take care of the investment they have done in the home such as carpets. We all know carpet cleaning is a time-consuming process. In fact, there are people who [...]

By | September 10th, 2019|Carpet Cleaning|1 Comment

How to Choose the Professional and Quality Rug Cleaning in San Diego?

Being the city of relaxation and peace, San Diego is renowned for its infrastructure and cleaning facilities. An area rug is an attractive and centerpiece of every property in San Diego. Therefore, knowing how to choose professional area rug cleaning in San Diego is essential. Because it helps you to maintain its look and durability [...]

By | August 14th, 2019|Rug Cleaning|1 Comment

5 Best Upholstery Cleaning Products of 2019

Looking for the best upholstery cleaning products of 2019? If so, then you must want the products which have the best and advanced features. Here is a guide to the most effective and useful upholstery cleaning products. Choose one of them according to your requirements and get a fresh, healthy upholstered furniture. 1. Scotchgard 3M [...]

By | June 14th, 2019|Upholstery Cleaning|1 Comment

Carpet Cleaning Myths: Debunked By LCS Experts

The internet has many resources which you may refer to solve your carpet related issues. Different sites offer various options which leave you confused. There are many carpet cleaning myths, which can make you believe in. If you continue believing the myths, you are unknowingly damaging your carpet. Here, our professionals have exposed some most [...]

By | May 16th, 2019|Carpet Cleaning|1 Comment