Despite your efforts, dust pollutants get accumulated inside the carpet. Here, the need for thorough carpet cleaning arises. But, which type of method is used to clean my carpet? This is the question which surely gets arise in every consumer seeking for cleaning their carpet. The confusion mainly arises between steam carpet cleaning and dry cleaning method.

Both methods have their own significant benefits on cleaning the carpet. But, before jumping to any of the methods, let us clear several misconceptions about steam carpet cleaning. Most of the people fall for these myths and later on get upset with the cleaning result. So, here we have mentioned below some myths about steam carpet cleaning.

Myth1: Carpet takes too long to dry with steam carpet cleaning

There are professionals who use poor quality equipment in steam carpet cleaning. In that condition, it might be possible that the carpet takes too long to dry. But, that doesn’t mean this is always the condition. Hire the reputable carpet cleaning professional using industry-leading cleaning equipment and tool. They will take approximately 5 to 10 hours to accomplish the cleaning process.

Note: drying time may vary up to 24 hours depending on how on the cold climate in your area.

Myth2: The carpet gets shrink after steam cleaning

Remember, that shrinking only occurs when the carpet is wet for several days or even weeks when proper care is not taken. Otherwise, because of steam cleaning your carpet doesn’t get a shrink. Here, hiring a professional is beneficial because they use powerful steam carpet cleaning truck mount machine which absorbs the moisture from the carpet and allows it to dry. As a result, you will get a neat and clean carpet.

#Myth3: Steam is used to clean the carpet

This is the misconception which arises in every individual’s mind who are unaware of the full process involved in steam carpet cleaning. Actually, the cleaning machines use hot water to clean the carpet, in which steam occurs, but that doesn’t mean that it is only used for carpet cleaning. It also involves other cleaning agents. Yes, we can say it is the natural way of cleaning your dirty carpets.

Get The Quality Steam Carpet Cleaning Service

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