You will agree that coffee stain always occurs at the most inconvenient time. You can enjoy the cup of coffee unless it spills on your carpet. This can happen while running out of the door or during the dinner party. Sometimes you get lucky when only a few drops of coffee fall on the carpet but other times when the whole cup flips out of your hand on the carpet then the real trouble starts. Here, carpet cleaning should be on your priority list before doing anything else.

Sometimes eliminating stains from your carpet become challenging. However, with updating technology various coffee stain removal techniques have come into existence. As a result, it helps you to remove the coffee stain from your carpet easily and quickly. Here are useful carpet cleaning tips to consider which will help you remove the coffee stain.

How To Remove Coffee Stain From Your Carpet?

Whenever you observe coffee spill on your carpeting take immediate action and blot up as much moisture and coffee as possible. And then continue to clean with chemical-free cleaning soap, stain fighter, and detergent. It is suggested to take extra care to prevent spreading of coffee spills.

If you do not take proper care, then the chances of carpet damage increases. Therefore, be attentive and consider below-mentioned steps to clean coffee stains from your carpet. However, these carpet cleaning tips are mostly used when you want to clean the coffee stain in a matter of few seconds, in other words when the stain is fresh.

  • Blot the stained area as much as possible using a white clean cloth that is absorbent.
  • Dry the area from the outside in and ensure to press down of rubbing to control spreading.
  • Sprinkle the pain water and blot again with the material having the absorbent property.
  • Pour carpet shampoo or detergent on the spot to eliminate the remaining coffee stain.
  • Again sprinkle water to rinse and blot with a dry white cloth to remove the remaining color.
  • Finish the process with drying the stained area after allowing the solution to settle down.

This is the eco-friendly way to clean your coffee stain on the carpet. Try it yourself and experience the cleaning result.

Looking For More Accurate Carpet Cleaning Result?

Yes, we agree that the DIY cleaning technique is far more cost-effective. But, for long-term quality cleaning result, it is not advisable. For the satisfactory cleaning outcome, approach to professionals providing effective carpet cleaning service. One of the renowned company offering the best cleaning for carpeting is LCS Janitorial Services. Using the oxidizing process under the heat, we aim to remove the coffee stain in the most effective way. For more details about our carpet cleaning services, contact us at (619) 796-9172. Also, for more updates follow us on our social media pages Facebook or Google+.