Rugs are an integral part of your house or business interior design. Oriental rugs are the most beautiful one in all types of rugs that add beauty, color, and character to any space.

But, you need to take care of these oriental rugs in a proper way. They need regular cleaning in the right manner. However, professional rug cleaners are always skilled to clean these rugs thoroughly by using their predefined method.

But, when you think about how to clean an oriental rug at home, learn the 7 quick steps explained below.

7 Quick Steps To Clean An Oriental Rug

Step 1: Vacuum the top portion of your oriental rug to remove all the loose dirt and debris from it. Turn the rug upside down and thoroughly vacuum it again. Make sure that you do not vacuum the fringes of the rug otherwise they will tear out.

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Step 2: Place your rug in the vertical position outside the home and beat it with a broom handle. This will remove all the dust from it. Vacuum the rug again.

Step 3: Prepare the cleaning area for the rug. Use a garden hose to wet your oriental rug completely with cold water.

Step 4: Take a bucket filled with 3-5 gallons of water. Mix the liquid detergent in it. First, test some hidden area with this solution to check whether it suits the rug fabric. Then apply the solution to the entire rug and use a soft bristle brush for scrubbing. Do not scrub too hard.

Step 5: Rinse the rug with clean water. Flip the rug and repeat step 4 to clean the other side of it. Remove all the suds from the rug while washing.

Step 6: Squeeze the rug to remove the excess water out. Then place dry towels on the rug and walk on them to absorb all the water in it. Then hang your rug on the hard rope or rack to air dry it. You can also keep it under the fan for drying.

Step 7: Once the rug is dried, you can gently rub it by hand. Then vacuum the rug again to remove the stiffness in it.

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